Review of the Rolex Submariner 116610

In this review, we’re looking at the Rolex Submariner in steel. Submariner is the most iconic Rolex model, definitely a best seller, hence the most manufactured, and the quality of clone Rolex Submariner watches is outstanding. First, let’s take a look at the history behind the Submariner and previous models so the Rolex Submariner was first produced in 1953 and then in 1954 was officially released, but the actual production was a year before.
It was designed like a tool, like a utility watch for divers.

Skipping forward to the late 1960s Rolex introduced the Date version of the Rolex Submariner. Before that, it only came in a non-date, which completely change the market for Submariner. It opened up to a whole new audience because regular people started buying it and could wear the watch and it didn’t seem weird that they were wearing a utility or tool watch because the date function made it less of a “dive only” watch. It’s about the time, replica Rolex watches started to be noticed.

And then skip forward in a few years to 2003 when they release the 50th-anniversary Submariner that was referenced 16610LV and is quite similar to the Hulk, but it’s got a green bezel and a black dial.

Then skip forward to 2008, the bi-metal Submariners were released, specifically the blue dial. In 2008 they also introduced a few different adjustments to the watch that made it more like the watch we’re looking at today. Check our replica Submariner watches collection to see what we are talking about.

And that includes the new Glidelock system, and also they released a ceramic or Cerachrom Bezel. You can find clone Submariner models in our store.

In 2010 they released a new steel Date version and then in 2012 they released a new steel non-Date version.

That’s kind of the history behind the models and the different variations of the watch, but there’s a bit more to the Submariner than just that. A lot of people will know that bond or the bond films have been quite heavily involved with Rolex, specifically the Submariners and is used to be seen as Bond’s watch, now it is the Omega Seamaster.

There are few different films and a few different Bonds that actually wore the Submariner, and probably the most famous is Sean Connery and he wore the most famous iteration of the Bonds Submariner which was on the NATO strap which was much smaller, around 16 mm so it looks pretty tiny.

Before he wore it on the leather strap, other Bonds have worn out on a different type of bracelets that’s so it had a few different features in the films.

Let’s have a look at the features behind the Submariner.

It is waterproof to 300 meters, the original ones were waterproof to 200 meters. It’s so simple and for this watch to have high endurance to underwater environments because obviously it’s a Submariner and it is designed to be used by divers go down to low depths.

One of the features that Rolex invented to ensure the watch could go down to such debts was a crown that could withstand that sort of pressure.

The crown is a sensitive area in the watch because the crown is the connection between the case or outside of the watch and the movement- the inside of the watch, so they invented a Triplock Crown which involves 3 rubber gaskets inside the crown mechanism to make sure that nothing gets inside the movement, and that was a big game changer for that in terms of creating a high debt insurance for the watch.

Cerachrom bezel which I already wrote about it’s just a much harder material than they used to use. The ceramic or Cerachrom bezel it’s just more resistant to scratches, longer wearing, doesn’t fade as well because some of the older ones have like this ghost bezel where it goes gray, that this ceramic wouldn’t have that.

The bezel actually has platinum insert so where you see the numbers in the markets those are filled with platinum because platinum has a higher resistance to tarnish or fading.

The bezel is unidirectional so it only moves in one direction and that basically means that when a diver is diving, he can only move it in a way that means they have less dive time so they don’t need to be worried about over diving or going over the amount they have in their tanks.

Along the bezel, you can see these markers and those mark the decompression stops for a dive. So if you are ascending up through a dive you can stop off at these different decompression stops. All the fake Rolex watches have the same exact markers, it would be a shame not to.

The edge of the bezel is ridged and it feels quite sharp, they design these edges that to be sharp and grippy so that divers could easily twist the bezel underwater with gloves on or when they just about to dive in from the boat they can and quickly just to watch and they’ll have to fiddle around with it.

Speaking of the edge of the bezel and then coming back to Bond there was a special edition Submariner that Rolex made for the Bond films that had no movement inside and the bezel was actually designed that when you pressed a button on the side of the watch, the bezel would spin around and they designed the bezel as well so that the edge to have a really sharp serrated edge and the watch was a Bones gadget to cut ropes like a rope cutter basically so he used it to free himself when he was tied up in some situations.

Coming back to the features of the watch, the Glidelock is one of my favorite features on this watch. This is an absolute game changer in terms of wearing a bracelet that I find sometimes when I wear a bracelet because the size you choose is the size you get basically it’s not like a strap where you can undo it.

The high end Rolex clones also come with this feature, without a doubt. Although in some of the new bracelets they have easy link which means you can take out by 5 millimeters.

But other bracelets like the Jubilee or the Presidential, the size you get is what you get so this is nice because you can adjust it by quite a significant amount. The reason they did this was so that divers could wear the watch normally during the day and then when they want to go diving they could loosen the bracelet put it over the top of that diving suit. It obviously got an oyster bracelet and this one is all brushed finished, unlike the GMT which has polished center links.

At first, I didn’t really like the old brushed look but I really like it now. It kind of goes with the utility look or appearance of the watch and I suppose they designed it so that underwater when you’re wearing it, it doesn’t shine off into your eye so much.

The Lume on this watch is a really cool feature as well, of course supported on replica watches. At the top mark on the bezel it has a little small domed piece of Lume and the reason they’ve done this is when you are descending down to really low depths, the lights becomes pretty dark it’s important for the divers keep track of how much time they have left so the Lume basically allows them to give a quick glance and they know exactly how much time.

The watch has a 48 hours reserve, although high quality fakes are more like 24 hours. If it’s your daily wear which for a lot of people the Submariner is a daily wear, the 48 hours is perfect because it’s unlikely you’ll not gonna weather watch 48 hours.

It’s got a 14 mil case size. Before I might have said this was too small for me but I think this actually perfect. It’s got great depth to the watch which means it can still kind of fit underneath the dress. It doesn’t look too big when you got a sporty look at the same time. I think it’s slightly deeper than the Daytona.

Personal opinion of this watch.. well this is my daily wear and I absolutely love it. I love the idea of just be able bat around a bit and it just keeps on going and you don’t really need to care for it like an AP or a Patek. It’s okay if it gets dinged because you just goe for a polish and polishes aren’t expensive.
Servicing as well doesn’t necessarily need to go back to Rolex, you can send it to your watchmaker. The ceramic bezel has that shining sheen and black on black with a black dial just looks so good together.

The brushed finish looks really smart on the lugs I just love the simplicity of the design. Overall it is a great watch, I love it and you will too. The quality of replica Rolex Submariners these days is outstanding and is virtually indistinguishable from the authentic piece.

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